Devotional Chanting

Kirtan is a listening and interactive sound healing experience. Using call and response chanting with easy, repetitive melodies and joyous danceable rhythms, the songs set free the chattering mind, deepen the breath, and create a state of calm, where the eternal love that lies in each heart can unfold and open.
Sacred Water Kirtan was started in 2005 and currently plays at Sacred Waters, Dancing Feet Yoga, Beyond Zen, Spacious Heart in Goshen, Wild Rose Moon in Plymouth and Unity Church of Greater Grand Rapids.
In November 2013, Sacred Waters Kirtan performed at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago. The occasion was the celebration of the 150th birthday of Swami Vivekananda. Also in November of 2013, the final ceremonies for Vivekananda’s 150th birthday were held in Chicago at the downtown Hilton Hotel. Sacred Waters Kirtan performed before a crowd of over 800 people.
Recently Sacred Waters Kirtan was part of the music for the Serendipity Festival held in Cloverdale, Indiana and in August played at Song of the Morning Yoga Fest in the Pigeon River National Forest in Michigan.
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