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Who We Are

Founded in March of 2000 on 4.3 acres of land, Sacred Waters provides a place where people can go to share their knowledge and experiences as they travel on their spiritual journeys to God.

Sacred Waters' Mission

  • To provide a spiritual center for enrichment and renewal
  • To nurture and promote individual spirituality
  • To aid individuals in the study of religion in its universal aspects
  • To provide an environment where individuals can learn and practice the spiritual truths of various religious philosophies
  • To provide the community with a spiritual sanctuary where people can meet to worship and study

East Meets West

Classes, lectures and workshops include spiritual topics such as Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Native American Spirituality, Vedanta Philosophy, Buddhism, Kirtan (Devotional Chanting), studying the “Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna”, playing the Chakra Bowls, Family Constellation work, Dreamwork, Gong Baths, Silent Retreats, Indian Pujas, Women’s Group, Toning Circle, Shamanic Drumming, and Tara Circle. Sacred Waters has a special relationship with the Saradeshwari Ashram in Kolkata. This ashram was one of the first places to offer education to women in 1893 with the founding of its school for girls. One of its main goals is the empowerment of women. One of Sacred Waters goals is to make people aware of the commonality in religious philosophies and to promote tolerance and understanding through the paths of wisdom, devotion and service. Sacred Waters acknowledges that there are many spiritual paths, each of which, if followed with devotion and love, can lead to union with God. Sacred Waters is dynamic in nature and structure, forever striving to serve the spiritual community and God. In this spirit, they have opened their doors to spiritual support, prayer, meditation and discussion groups. Sacred Waters is also available to groups or individuals for weekend retreats.
“Recently Conscious Michiana interviewed our founder, Joyce Hug. Click here to listen:
Sacred Waters is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization supported by love donations.
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